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We provide growth & wellbeing focused transformational support to enhance individual and business performance. 

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Are you a SME business or business leader….


  • Who believes that you could get more out of your management teams through developing a culture of emotional intelligence, resilience and cooperation across business units.

  • Who understands the value of individual (targeted) skill development and support for your senior managers when creating a high-performance work environment.

  • Who would value an objective, independent voice in understanding and supporting the personal and professional development needs of your people.

  • Who recognises the importance of giving attention to your people’s needs, motives, aspirations, for both individual and business benefits.​ 

If this sounds like you we may be able to help....


With a background in performance psychology, I bring research knowledge & applied experience to my practice helping businesses thrive through supporting their most important asset.

Adopting a systems perspective, I work in partnership with business leaders and managers to reflect upon and understand how their people and groups work, and to identify opportunities for them to function more effectively.

Taking a personalised (one to one), growth-focused approach, I explore the needs, motivations, and aspirations of your key personnel to gain an understanding of what helps them be at their best. This allows me to support them and the business through targeted personal development and skills training.  

I seek partnerships where we share ideas and knowledge to arrive at the best solutions for you and your business.


My goal is to help businesses perform better through targeted transformational support for their people.

What can I help with?

I have expertise in, and could provide coaching, training and ongoing support for you and your business across a number of performance psychology related areas.... For example:


Transformational leaders are key enablers of organisational culture. Progressive leaders shape employee behaviours for the betterment of the group. They extol the organisation’s goals, strategies, and values through engaging and empowering their followers.

Empowering/Transformational leadership

Now, more than ever, self-care and recognising the mental health needs of those around us is vital to a successful business. Developing a mental tool kit that provides the skills, techniques and strategies to allow leaders and employees more effectively meet the demands of a changing workspace is key to safeguarding your people and optimising performance. 

Mental skills, techniques & strategies

Leaders are often so busy leading that they overlook the value and importance of self-reflection and strategic planning.  I help leaders by helping them ask the right questions in order to problem-solve, or to help them address sticking points that may be hindering their people and business moving forward.  

 Evaluation, analysis, and insight

The strategies we employ simulateneously support  the well-being and personal growth of  your people. This provides conditions that will help them reach their potential.

Growth mindsets enable people to develop their talents, abilities, knowledge, and emotional intelligence; success comes from consistent effort to work through challenges. Our focus is on the process rather than the outcome (that will come!) where leaders are willing to take risks, innovate and collaborate, and they support these in their people. The accountability and transparency that results ensures that hiccups are viewed as opportunities to improve and learn.

Wellbeing and growth mindsets

Successful teams have relationships that are based on commitment, cooperation, and trust, and these foster participation, satisfaction, learning, and growth. Working relationships of successful teams are grounded in: common purpose and direction of travel, defined roles and responsibilities, accountability, proactive ‘open’ communications, and ownership of common goals. My role is to help your teams become effective in working together by acknowledging the contribution of each member, optimising use of personal resources within teams, and building trust within, and cohesion of the group.  

Making teams work

​​Heightened uncertainty in both work and home lives has pushed many of us into change exhaustion. Change fatigue is resistance or passive resignation to organisational changes, and research shows that employees’ ability to cope with change is 50% of pre-pandemic levels. Too often, organisations simply encourage employees to be resilient to combat the stress, fear, underperformance, and distraction that results, placing the burden of finding ways to feel better solely on individuals. Team leaders can reduce change fatigue with a strategic approach to implementing and managing the change process.

'Change' fatigue and resilience


How does it work?


  • Board-level strategic advice & support 

  • Soundboarding and problem solving

  • Working 1:1 with leaders and managers

  • Individual profiling and assessment

  • Employee one to one support

  • Bespoke education and coaching workshops

  • Culture development

  • Delivery of leadership training events

  • On-line and blended learning solutions

  • Partnering with HR teams to embed support within HR processes

  • Linking 'vision, mission and values' to OKR processes

  • Reflective Practice

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis 

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