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Dr Kieran Kingston

By way of an introduction....


For much of the past 25 years I have worked in the University sector as a lecturer, manager and applied performance psychologist. I gained a PhD in 1999 and have specialised in exploring and researching in the areas of peak performance, motivation and creating environments that support wellbeing and performance.


I am widely published, and although I have worked in many sports, my specialist work has mainly been done in professional rugby and golf.  In the past few years, I have evolved my work into business. This has enabled me to apply my growth-focused approach to enhancing performance in other contexts.


My research, editing and applied practice has informed my understanding of the ‘why’ behind effective performance. Further, through working with and researching elite coaches and practitioners, I have gained insights into the role of leader in supporting adaptive thoughts and behaviours. This work has evolved to exploring wellbeing as a key predictor of performance across a variety of sport, rehabilitation, and business contexts. 


In short, I am widely published in the areas of motivation and wellbeing; my growth-focused approach is logical and transparent and has a robust evidence-base. The benefit of this philosophy is that wellbeing also positively effects lots of other behaviours, e.g., resilience, adherence, persistence, problem-solving and communication (openness to sharing ideas).

Professional credentials

  • 25 years - Senior academic in performance psychology and research design/methods.

  • PhD in Performance Psychology. 

  • Consultant performance psychologist in amateur and professional sport (e.g., rugby, golf and elite athletics) since 1997.

  • Business consultant largely targeting performance through promoting wellbeing supportive cultures.

  • PhD supervisor and manager of research groups in the areas of motivation, coaching and more recently personal and situational predictors of wellbeing.

  • Invited Honorary academic, collaborator, mentor and research facilitator nationally and internationally.

  • Widely published author (50+ academic publications, two books) with numerous research and writing mentoring roles. Expert reviewer/editor; most recently invited editor for the 1st International Handbook of Golf Science.

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