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Psychology coaching, training and support for your business

As a performance psychologist (working in business and sport) rather than an expert in business, I have often wrestled with labelling; what is it I do, am I a coach, a trainer, a mentor, or a consultant? The truth is I'm not sure it matters.... 

What is important to you is that I have the skills, knowledge and experience to provide a service that meets your needs and which can help you, your people, and by association, your business flourish.


Applying psychology to a business context enables us to explain and predict how individuals and groups behave. It also allows us to identify gaps in support, knowledge and skills that would enable the businesses and their people to become more effective within their roles. In short, my mission is to use principles from psychology and social sciences to help organisations and individuals achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.


Solutions are based on leading-edge performance psychology research and are tailored to the individual needs of each client. My objective is to raise performance through effective psychological support and giving you and your people the tools to manage the challenges of the modern workplace.

As we embark on this journey, together we will reflect on where you are as a business, clarify your goals for the short and long-term, and identify and plan a direction of travel for getting there. 

While traditional business coaching is geared to the business owner and executive level managers inside an organisation, my core practices and the knowledge and skills I have developed enable me to to provide advice, coaching, training and support for you, your people and your organisation.

Transparent, positive, empowering
and effective support

Working with you....

I take a client-centred, growth-focused approach which focuses on people and the processes that they impact within the business. 

My objective is to work with you to utilise your people resources more effectively and efficiently. This will help you unlock the potential within your business, and help you realise your business goals.

I strongly believe that psychological support should be personal, positive, empowering and accessible. In creating conditions that will enable your people and your business to flourish, I am guided by the mission to consider and support the growth and wellbeing of each individual.   

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